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Discovery Flight

Get the feeling for flying through the air through our discovery flight. Experience take-off, landing, and the basics of flying a small airplane while enjoying the gorgeous views of our beautiful city. 


Private Pilot Training 

Open up a world of adventure and freedom! A private pilot certificate allows you to fly family and friends sightseeing around your local area or to your favorite vacation spot. A minimum of 40 hours of flight time is required to obtain your PPL.

Instrument Training 

Adding an Instrument rating to your private pilot grants you even more freedom to come and go from place to place. No longer will you need to sit on the ground waiting for clouds to lift while other pilots take off. The instrument rating allows you to fly day or night, through the clouds and statistically makes you a much safer pilot! (This program is also offered as an accelerated 8 day course (IFR8) for those more ambitious pilots.)

Single and Multi Commercial Training

Commercial training teaches you to become the MASTER of the aircraft! You will fly the aircraft to its limits and back while learning new exciting maneuvers. You will learn to fly more complex and advanced aircrafts. All of this training sets you up for the ability to be paid for flying. Your career begins here!

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