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Get Your Instrument Rating in 8 days!


Day 1 | Orientation - Fly into KJZI

IFR Power Settings for Your Aircraft

Basic Instrument Work and Challenging Patterns

Partial Panel

Unusual Attitudes


Day 2 and 3 | VOR Navigation


VOR Orientation

VOR Tracking, with and without wind

VOR Accuracy Checks

Holding Procedures and Holds

VOR Approach


Day 4 | GPS Navigation


GPS Enroute

GPS Approach

GPS Holds

GPS Partial Panel


Day 5 and 6 | ILS Approaches


ILS Approach

Localizer Approach

ILS Approach, Partial Panel



Day 7 | Bring it All Together



Any Review Needed

ILS, GPS & VOR Approach


Partial Panel


Day 8 | Checkride Prep

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